Two rabbits in a hutch, both should be sisters, I think one of my rabbits is pregnant??

by Dean
(Staffordshire UK)

Hi, can anyone help me? I have two rabbits in a hutch and they are supposed to be sisters from the same litter, but I think one of them is pregnant! Not sure if the pet shop got the sex wrong of one of them now, as there is a nest in the hutch! Not even sure which one could be pregnant? Also if I can find out which is the buck, do I need to remove him for the hutch? Also could this be a phantom pregnancy? I have also attached an image of the nest in the dark back part of the hutch. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

***** Karen Sez *****
Well, can you flip your rabbits over and make a correct gender determination? (

If they're both girls, then one of them is humping the other, triggering a phantom pregnancy. The nest building and fur pulling are signs of the phantom pregnancy, and it should all subside, probably in roughly a week or less.

If you've got one of each, at least now you'll know which is which, and yes, you'll end up with a litter of kits, probably soon. The buck should be removed asap and given its own hutch, as the rabbits will keep on producing babies throughout the late winter, spring and summer if left together.

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