Tanning your own pelts

by Bethany

I was just wondering if you ever tan your own rabbit hides to make things out of. I'm considering doing it just for my little family, thought it was better than throwing away the skins. I found the link with how to home-tan pelts but didn't know if you've tried it yourself or not?

***** Karen Sez *****

Yup, sure do tan our own pelts. All the pelt pictures on our Rabbit Pelts page I tanned.


If you raise and butcher rabbits for meat, then the pelts of the meat rabbit fryers will probably be too thin and fragile to be useful to you. For most fur or leather projects you need senior coats, or very high grade junior primes.

Or, find a market for the fryer pelts - perhaps with felting companies, possibly. There are some felting tutorials online, if you're game to give it a try for yourself.

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