Satin Rabbit Babies Born with Fur

by Jade

Are Satin rabbits supposed to be born with more hair than normal? the last two times my rabbit, Xion, had babies they were born already covered in hair.

***** Karen Sez *****

This is one of those times where a clear photo would be wonderful! Can you send one (to karen @ raising-rabbits . com)? Can you clarify what you mean by "already covered in hair?" How long was the fur?

No, domestic rabbits, including Satin rabbits, are usually born completely hairless, though the hair starts growing immediately.

I am thinking perhaps your Satin doe has been hanging on to her litters beyond the typical kindle date. I had a doe like that once - she kindled her kits late, and they had already started growing their fur once they were (finally) born. But, in the case of my doe's kits, the fur was still not much more than stubble, enough to darken the skin - what one would normally see at 1-2 days old.

It would be interesting to know the time length between the date you bred the doe, and the date she actually kindled her litter. Do you have this info and can you share it?

The only other situation this could possibly be - as far as I know - is some kind of genetic quirk in the doe or kits. I have never heard of anything like this with a genetic cause.

(Which of course doesn't mean such a thing is not technically possible. After all, no one had ever seen Satin fur until a mutant rabbit was found with the beautiful satinized hair shafts.)

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