Runny Noses in Rabbits

I have noticed that many of my rabbits have moisture on their noses. I have one rabbit who we think may be allergic to hay, either that or it has snuffles. She has sneezing fits a lot. We think it could be from dust or because the water bottle she used to have leaked.

Now, I've noticed moisture on almost all of my rabbit's noses, it doesn't really seem white or thick though and they don't have any signs of wiping their nose on their paws. It's more clear. Could it be Snuffles?

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Jun 13, 2011
RE Runny Noses in Rabbits
by: Moderator

Alas, I wish I could sneak into your barn and see what you mean by "runny" - might help with the guesswork, but, no such luck. To know for sure if you're dealing with snuffles, you'd need a vet diagnosis, but even then, the chance of a false negative is quite high.

The short answer to your question is yes, it *could* be snuffles. BUT: If ALL your rabbits have damp noses, and no wet matted paws, it makes me wonder. Do you live in that half of the USA that has been dealing with 100+ temps lately? The panting will bring on the moisture, for sure, but then you can't blame it on snuffles, just on panting.

Unless all your rabbits are routinely in marginal health, I wouldn't expect snuffles to hit all your rabbits at the same time.

What to do:
1) Put the one with sneezing fits in an isolation cage until you can tell the true cause of the sneezing. This rabbit may truly have snuffles, and if so, you're best off culling her for the sake of the other rabbits. Snuffles is very contagious - if she's been sneezing around your other rabbits, there's a good chance she's been spreading the joy.

2) Ensure that your animals are cool and comfortable - 85F maximum, if possible. Check our 'cooling rabbits' page (the link is on the Rabbit Farming link to the left) for tips. Are the noses damp when the rabbits are comfortable? (If yes, maybe you've got snuffles throughout the herd...)

3) Do you have any rabbit-raising friends who could give you a hands-on opinion? That would be very helpful to you, since we're not there and we're not vets either.

Please let us know how it goes, okay?
Good luck and God bless you,

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