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Jul 15, 2013
Giant Flemish
by: Mrs. B

Noel is huge and has the run of the yard. She loves to be petted and also has a fondness for neighbors' flowers, thus the problem. She won't be contained and we are moving to a farm in a few days where coyotes roam mid day. There is a barn but it will require a lot of work. What do I do with her in meantime? Will she fend for herself if given enough room?

***** Karen Sez *****
"She won't be contained" is an interesting remark. How can she NOT be "contained" if you put her in a proper cage??

If you allow the rabbit to fend for herself, she'll run the same risks that all wild animals run, which is fine, if you're willing to lose the rabbit to predation. If not, and if you still plan to let the rabbit fend for herself, then create hiding spaces for the rabbit that are more or less raccoon- and coyote-proof, for example, brush piles, wood piles, and the like. Good luck with it. The question is: will the rabbit know where it can run and hide when its environment is brand-new to it?

Your best option is probably a sturdy rabbit cage.

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