by Haylei
(United States)

This woman is obviously guilty.... And...SNIP! Karen here, saying, Sorry, Haylei. As you can see, I've deleted most of your post. It was just a bunch of propaganda and blanket denials. What the heck happened to "innocent until proven guilty?" Who are those hasty people that issue instant 'guilty' verdicts without allowing the truth to be known first?

People who have no idea about agriculture and livestock, who willingly believe the news stories and the propaganda.

AND the animal rights gang. By their own admission they have no problem 'stealing' peoples' animals under color of law, and they also feed the news media only those details (doctored) they want the public to hear.

The motive? The animal rights gangs intend to enforce a no-animal-usage policy globally, including a forced vegan agenda on the entire human population...what's left of it should UN Agenda 21 ever be fully actuated.

Why??? Ignorance of animal agriculture, and widespread ignorance of human nutrition. (Both topics are heavily propagandized.)

I'll acknowledge you this: out of 196 cages, 4 did have manure build up (for which all 200 rabbits were 'stolen'). The reason why? Because the rancher knew the excessive August heat outside the swamp-cooled barn was a greater danger to the rabbits than the manure, and chose to leave the barn doors closed until her 4H kids came to help with the chores (in 2 more days).

And you probably also know that the animals living in the four dirty cages were in prime health and clean fur - clearly the manure piles were not usual and customary.

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Jan 20, 2012
What a waste!!!
by: Anne Marie

That woman invested a lot of time and money into her herd of rabbits. The rabbits by no means were abused or being treated cruelly! The rabbits were not pets not like the dog on the bed kind of pet but she probably loved and cared for them. She prob knew each one's history and had dreams for each of them. This is totally wrong and to go and alter her rabbits before they were turned over to the "rescue" is unacceptable! She is owed her rabbits and whatever monetary loss she has had inflicted on her!

***** Karen Sez *****
Yes, absolutely. And the really bizarre thing is -- these animal supremacists intend to do away with your ability to keep even the dog-on-the-bed kinds of pets. They're smokescreening this part of their agenda right now, but go to their websites and take a look at their mission statements and core beliefs. There's absolutely no question. HSUS, PETA, the terrorist ALF that's funded by PETA...they're all in bed together.

You see, at the bottom line, it has nothing at all to do with pet welfare or animal husbandry. Heck, PETA KILLS 92% of the animals they get their hands on (www.petakillsanimals.com). No, they want to sway public opinion and remove breeding animals from human ownership. What they did to Ms. Bell's herd is criminal on many levels, including sabotaging the barn environment, lack of search warrant, and then the lies and misrepresentation to the animal control officers, the media and the public.

Nov 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

I appreciate your removing any posts negative to the raising of livestock.

As we all know "POOP HAPPENS" and how fast or how slowly it occurs varies and I personally have one that can make a pooh pad in 2 days time. NONE of mine have drop cages "like normal"... my rabbits are probably 30 inches from the ground and I use drop pans on the floor only for ease of cleaning up that section which is dirt. However... when that doe makes the pooh pad and I don't get to it till the weekend (or so) she NEVER sits on it. She is a pearl color and is the cleanest rabbit I have right now.... So unless someone is extremely anal or the rabbits are extremely dirty, daily cleaning is just simply out of the question unless the rabbit is inside.

Everyone has their own goals, their own aspirations and their own ways of managing their lives but those goals, aspirations and ways should NEVER EVER EVER be imposed on anyone else. THAT is just wrong. You can express yourself to others but when expression becomes demands and laws then we've lost what our husbands, fathers and forefathers fight so hard to defend and preserve. FREEDOM!

****Karen Sez****
Yes, use common sense and factor in the condition of the rabbit as one makes husbandry management decisions.

I completely agree with your conclusion, Rebecca.

But about free speech, removing posts seems to be counter to open dialogue, which we do want and invite on this website. I mulled it over from August to November. The post I almost entirely removed was so egregious, and so over-the-top, plus holding details that the general public did not know at the time, that I felt the poster was possibly involved in the robbery, and then trying to defend their ridiculous, and illegal, actions.

Nope. No talking. Return the rabbits intact, with compensation for pain and suffering, and then we'll talk.

(In this case, since the rabbits are no longer intact, Haylei and/or the HRS can cough up the $28,000 value of the stolen goods and then double it for pain and suffering, pay all court costs, and then get the LAW applied to their own backsides.)

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