Rabbit is drooling and not eating and mean

by Amanda Lee



My rabbit used to lick the crap out of me and now she runs from me. I just found another bunny I thought was a girl is actually a boy and the girl is mean. The boy is protective of her but at same point flings his pee at her and she growls anytime he gets near unless he is laying down. Then she sleeps under his neck. She doesn't eat much anymore and drools a lot. Anybody know what this is?

***** Karen Sez *****
Hey Amanda, you're describing a rabbit with teeth problems, is my guess. I suspect malocclusion - one or more teeth growing too long. The teeth are always growing, but chewing helps to wear them to the correct length. Malocclusion makes this impossible because they don't line up correctly and the opposing teeth cannot wear each other down.

Drooling is a fairly classic sign of malocclusion. If she isn't eating, it may be because the teeth are growing so long she cannot eat.

Her meanness may come from not feeling good. Her mouth may hurt. Teeth abscesses can also develop from the malocclusion.

All of this is pretty bad news if I am right, but the vet can offer several options for correcting this problem. Good luck with everything.

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