Rabbit has snot without sneezing

I have a little lionhead buck that at the local show suddenly had snot. I have my rabbitry in my house right next to my room and my room is open to their room. I have NEVER heard sneezing. The first and only sign is this snot. I went ahead and gave the little guy Baytril subcutaneously. Is there any cause for snot without sneezing that could be different than snuffles or can snuffles present with sudden onset snot and no sneezing?

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How old is your 'little guy?'

Snuffles presents in a variety of ways, depending on the degree to which the immune system manages to control the germs. This is why you can see snot with or without sneezing, sneezing without evident snot, fullblown very sick rabbits with sneezing, snot, and runny eyes, etc.

There IS one other germ that could be the culprit instead of P. multocida -- Bordetella bronchisepticum. This germ causes Bordetellosis, which occurs more often in younger animals, and might cause disease in the absence of P. multocida (though often they go hand in hand).


A veterinarian opinion with a culture and sensitivity is an important next move, which may help you know which germ you may be dealing with. (There are more than these two, but the others are not nearly as common.) The Baytril is usually helpful for respiratory problems; it might complicate initial efforts to obtain the culture and sensitivity test. Your vet will know what to do.

If your lionhead buck is still a junior, the likelihood is better that it would be Bordetella instead of Pasteurella, but at any rate, getting a vet's diagnosis and implementing a course of treatment will allow you to see how the rabbit responds, helping to illuminate your next course of action regarding the rabbit.

Good luck!

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