Rabbit Experience with Pasteurellosis

by Tiff

I had a disabled bunny I had adopted from the shelter, unfortunately he developed a severe case of Pasturellosis. I originally thought he might be allergic to the bedding, so I tried a variety of different ones, it never helped.

He began to get this white build up around his nose, since he was disabled I had to clean him frequently so he could breath properly. I thought it was a cold from being outdoors in the spring weather (it was a cooler day) so I decided to take him to the vet.

They prescribed him with Penicillin (2 medicine needles-like the ones you squirt down children's throats when the medicine tastes bad) I had to give him 2 a day on a regular basis.

I thought the medicine was working, or just needed some time to work as I noticed his nose was still discharging mucus, only it was not a yellow colour.

I took him back to the vet, they gave me another dosage of the Penicillin and told me to continue aiding him as I was. I now spent around 600$ on the treatments for him, they were pricey.

After about the second day I realized he was getting worse. He wouldn't even open his mouth to eat anything, nor to allow me to get the medicine into his throat. I did my best though. Eventually he began not wanting to drink, not wanting to eat, he wasn't as lively anymore and he began to get abscesses inside his ears. They were also filled with infection, the white mucousy substance. I did all I possibly could for him, but watching the poor little guy suffer like that was too much for me.

I gave him some time and thought the best thing to do (yes, the best thing) I called the vet, they were closed so I had to wait until morning. That night he was lifeless, still almost as if he was already dead. His eyes were gloomy, clouded and looked distant, like he wasn't here with me in a sense.

I could tell he was in pain from the low chattering noises he made non stop. I spent the entire night holding him, talking to him and being there for him. Then finally he passed away in the early morning.

It was heart breaking, I loved that rabbit so much and still do to this day. He will always be remembered and live on in my heart.

***** Karen Sez *****
Wow, Tiff, that was a sad but touching story. Thank you for sharing it. You cared very much for the sick and disabled rabbit.

The point at which euthanization is a wise thing eventually arrives with Pasteurellosis. Knowing the eventual outcome, would you have come to your decision sooner rather at the end when the rabbit was in pain and you had spent a lot of money?

Had we been at your side in the shelter, we would have encouraged you to not take the disabled rabbit in the first place. (Did it have head tilt?)

Is it worth it or not to go through the experience and the expense? We know the answer for ourselves, but when everything goes south, Tiff, is it still worth it?

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