Rabbit breeding questions

by Courtney

Hello, I am planning on breeding my doe but I have a lot of questions that are never answered.

1. What if the nest box is big compared to the doe but I can't buy a new one?
2. How do I make sure I get all the baby rabbits out of the nestbox to insure they are healthy and do a head count?
3. What if the buck is a lot smaller than the doe?
4. How do I make sure a baby rabbit is dead?
5. How do I sex the baby rabbits?
6. When the doe needs the nest box I will have to move her out of her cage because the nestbox is too big for her cage, is it ok to move her?

Thank you very much, I really needed the guidance!

****Karen Sez****

1 - Use the bigger nestbox. The doe might lounge in it, meaning you might have to keep it clean for her.

2 - You pull the nestbox over to the door (or even remove it from the cage), move the fur aside, and pull the kits out of the deep 'burrow' one by one. And while you're at it, you'll be checking to make sure the little burrow is clean and dry as well.

3 - If the buck is a lot smaller? Well, if HE can figure out the logistics, then it's all systems go.

4 - There's usually no doubt - the thing is stone cold and stiff as a board. If there's a doubt (and I've revived little'uns that sure looked dead but were just very chilled), you can warm it by pressing it to your tummy or tucking it into your bra and carrying it there for a good while. Or, if a single kit has gotten chilled and the other kits in the burrow are snug and warm, you can put the cold kit back in with its littermates - they'll warm it up. If it's alive, it'll revive. If it is actually dead, it won't.

5 - Sexing the youngsters...we have an app, er, page, for that... www.raising-rabbits.com/sexing-rabbits.html

6 - You're gonna move her out of her cage and into what? Another cage, I hope? Why not move her there now?

Most of this stuff becomes obvious as the situation develops. Good luck, don't worry, and have fun. :-)

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Nov 27, 2011
Many rabbits living together
by: Denis

Can I built an enormous cage (20X40 feet)and let my 3 females and my male loose together in that cage. I will put many boxes for them to hide and also some hay everywhere in the bottom of that cage. Do they will get baby and take care of them there?

*****Karen Sez*****
Yes, you can, especially if you put wire down over the entire floor of the enclosure, so the does can't burrow out (and they will, if you don't).

Two other concerns - predators and disease - are common to keeping rabbits colony-style. But, it can be done with careful management.

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