Pregnant rabbit passing blood

by Jena

Hi, I'm pretty sure my rabbit is pregnant and ready to give birth. She has a round hard tummy and is laying down all the time. I noticed gooey blood where she normally goes to the toilet 2 days in a row. I have separated her from the other rabbits, cleaned out the cage but there was no sign of babies. Is this normal? Thanks

***Karen Sez***
Hmmm, no, not normal.

Sometimes does give birth to a dead kit, and then the rest of the litter is alive and fine. But if your doe is having trouble giving birth, you may eventually find a long, malformed kit dead, and several more, all dead.

We don't know how far along your doe is or when you should be expecting the litter (day 31-32 after breeding is normal). Unless she gives birth tonight, perhaps you should consider getting a rabbit-savvy vet opinion.

Good luck,

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Sep 09, 2021
My pregnant rabbit
by: Pratimasrivastava

I think my doe is pregnant with 32 days she do everything whatever a pregnant rabbit does. Being aggressive, eating a lot, building nest, even I saw her babies moving around her belly. But now its 33 days she didn't have birth to her babies and she's bleeding a bit via Urine. Kindly suggest what to do.

***** Karen Sez *****
When in doubt, always consult a veterinarian. Nevertheless, red urine rarely indicates bleeding. Rabbit urine sometimes turns reddish, due to pigments in their normal food, and possibly other reasons.

Unless you see clots or strings of blood, there is probably nothing to worry about. Just know that I cannot diagnose anything from way over here, which is why getting a vet check is always a good thing when questions can't be answered. About normal red urine, see page 19 in Rabbit Raising Problem Solver.

Lastly, it will be important to distinguish between red urine, and blood from an impending kindling. If you cannot tell, this is another reason to get a vet check. Good luck!

May 14, 2020
by: Anonymous

My rabbit is pregnant and due in 10 days but she has shed some blood and very little hair, this happened yesterday and today she is acting normal, she has a nesting box and this morning her mouth picked up all the grass we gave her, what’s with the blood coming out?

Feb 24, 2013
Rabbit kidneys?
by: Brooke S.

I have a female rabbit that is due in about six days. Two days ago I found four bright red kidney bean sized and shaped things at the bottom of her cage. But just today there was another new one on the bottom of her cage again. I picked it up with a spade and it looks just like a kidney bean, although a few drops of blood dropped out of it. She is acting perfectly normal, and she is a first time mom and she has pulled hair out and she has a nesting box. There was no blood in the nesting box but there was just a little tiny bit on the corner where she goes to the bathroom.
The little kidney bean things looked like they were some kind of organ or something, and they almost looked like blood clots.

They in no way look like baby rabbits, because they are perfectly smooth. Every single one looks alike.

Should I take her to the vet? What is wrong?

***** Karen Sez *****

It is logical to think those kidney-shaped objects are miscarried kits inside their capsules, however your description doesn't completely match this hypothesis, I think. Take a look at the pictures at, and see what you think.

If the kidney-shaped objects are very soft and squishy, this could indicate blood clots, in which case your doe may need veterinary assistance.

Beyond these two ideas, I hope another breeder has experience with what you describe and will be able to explain.

Good luck!

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