Pregnant doe?

by Jennifer

I have a doe, she's been my pet for at least a year now, and I've bred her to bucks many times. I started trying when she was one, and she's around two now, I think she took this time. A few days after she mated with my buck she tried to bite me as I was feeding. She did this when I first got her, but hadn't since, so I figured she was/is pregnant.

She was due the 12th it's now the 15th. It's been very hot here as it has been everywhere. I'm very sure she's pregnant, she picks up hay, and doesn't eat it, but still no babies. I've had does be as late as day 39 that had a healthy litter. This doe is special to me though so I brought her in and put her in a cool closet. Do you think this will help? This will be her first litter and shes pretty timid.

I also have another doe that I cannot get to raise for the buck. I've tried every trick I know. Any suggestions?

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