Pregnant by a larger male rabbit

We had two babies in a cage together thinking they were too young to breed. Now my doe is pregnant and the buck is larger than her. Will she be able to have the babies with her being so young and small? What can we do to help her? I do not want her to die. Thanks.

****Karen Sez****
Fingers are crossed that all will be well.

Unless the buck was a flemish giant and the doe a netherland dwarf, the kits are generally similar in size at birth, before the genetics fully kick in.

The only hitch - small breeds with blocky heads sometimes have problems with delivery due to their body structures, but, this would be the case no matter the sire.

The deed is done, so don't over-stress. Mark the calendar for day 28 and day 31, and just keep half an eye on the doe as she gets close to kindling time.

Good luck,

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