by Raul
(San Antonio)

I bred my does, three of them on the same day the 2nd of May. On the 20th I was surprised to see four kits laying on the cage floor. Three appear to be healthy but one did die due to exposure. I keep the bucks in a different cage unit so there is no way they got together before I put them together. I have never heard of twenty day babies.

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Aug 05, 2011
RE Preemies
by: Moderator

Hmm, actually, we *have* seen a 20 day baby. It was a tiny thing, clearly underdeveloped, and dead on the cage wire. The equivalent in human terms would be if a woman gave birth after just 5 1/2 months. It is an exceedingly rare infant that would survive, and that after months in a neonatal intensive care. We would be completely hornswaggled if any kit was miscarried at 20-days-along and managed to survive.

We're guessing that somehow a few dates got mixed up...or forgotten...?!


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