Optimum nesting structures

by Clinton Brits
(South Africa)

I have had several problem with nesting with my rabbits in that many of my clutches fail because of cold or rain. Obviously my nests are outside as it is far less hassle as far as disease goes.

The current design is a rabbit box that forms an L-shape with a hole on the left that forms a small box tunnel that turns in left. This works great but it is extremely time consuming and expensive.

Has anyone come up with a cheaper and more effective solution to this problem.

Clinton Brits

***** Karen Sez *****
Well, the expensive method is still failing 'due to cold and rain,' if I read correctly. Do the kits freeze? Do they get wet and/or drown? Do the does dig their own burrows? I guess I'm trying to pin down the underlying problem to the failure of the litters before addressing the design of the nest box.

Please let us know, okay?

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Feb 21, 2012
New method
by: Anonymous

Sorry for the confusion. I meant to say that the new one is working. The temperature of the nests are really quite warm inside simply because the kits are in a corner that's +- an arms length from the entrance hole and covered with the mother's fluff.

My confusion comes in that the method I see time and time again (and what I've used before) was the 5L water container that gets mounted on the side of the hutch. The kits freeze even on a relatively warm night and the plastic and fluff gets damp inside from the urine.

Even though the new design works, it's really overkill and nobody else seems to need it so i just thought i was missing something.

Clinton Brits
Cassims meats

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