One of my kitten's eyes is crusting over...

Hi there,

My doe had five kittens and they are all doing fine except for one. One little buck can't seem to keep his eye open. A little while back I had read/heard that that is pretty normal. So I used a warm cloth and cleaned all of the gunk off of his eye. I just forget what kind of eyedrops I'm supposed to put in his eye, and so far I'm having a hard time finding the info again... Could you help me out?

***** Karen Sez *****
Sure, of course we can help! *grin*

You're doing a good job. In our barn we use and really like Terramycin opthalmic ointment. Find it in our Amazon recommendations on our home page, or copy and paste the following URL for a selection of Terramycin options:

Thanks, and good luck. The Terramycin usually permanently clears everything up within a few days.

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