Not sure about pregnancy?

by Jord
(Gravesend, England)

My doe Jasmine pulled out chunks of fur last night and has left it in the corner of her space (she lives in the cupboard under the stairs) and has been cranky for days now. We never intended for there to even be a chance for her to get pregnant, our buck is only young and I wanted to get them both neutered at the same time. They live separately and are only put together under supervision, but Jasper tried it on with Jasmine last week a couple of times but were separated immediately. The chances were slim but I know it only takes once. I'm taking all the precautions in case she is pregnant, but I don't understand why she is pulling her fur out already??

***** Karen Sez *****
Well, I think the news may be good. If Jasmine is building a nest around day 16-17 after they "tried it on," then she could very well be undergoing a false pregnancy. That is, she will have ovulated and experienced the hormonal changes of pregnancy, but without any babies growing. Perhaps Jasper still needs a bit more time before he completely grows up.

If in the next couple days, she forgets she ever built a nest, or just lounges in it, my hunch will be right. But just in case, you might want to give the doe a nest box on day 28.

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Nov 29, 2012
I think you're right
by: Jord

It has literally only been a week max since Jasper tried it with her, and she's more or less gone back to normal now. She still hides a bit more than usual but it's like she's forgotten all about the fur she pulled out, and there was so much of it!

I have a nest box on standby just in case, but I think it was just a random thing she decided to do.

One thing I have noticed though is that she's very bloated...?

***** Karen Sez *****
Heh, yeah, if this was a false pregnancy as I suspect, the bloats will subside as well.

Good job, you're doing well.

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