Newborn kits

by Bethanie
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

My bunny gave birth to 7 kits 2 nights ago -- we have just discovered that one has no ears -- has anyone ever had this happen and is there a concern, is there anything we should watch out for?

***Karen Sez***
The most likely reason for no ears is that the doe nibbled them off by accident while cleaning up the kits and the placentas. In this case, you should be able to see something like scabs on the sides of the head.

When breeders find ears missing, this is the most common reason.

I suppose it is possible that a birth defect occurred, and the bunny was simply born minus the ears.

At any rate, at this point the damage has been done. I'm pretty sure the doe will have gathered her senses and will do a good job with the rest of the mothering. Just be sure that there is nothing in her environment that will frighten the doe.

Good luck and enjoy the kits!

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