New Zealand Whites for 4H

by Rebecca

My son joined 4H 3 years ago and has been showing rabbits all three years. Two years ago I took him to a Rabbit breeder who raised Californians and New Zealand Whites. We purchased a bunny from him who is now a huge 15 lb Buck we named Pinky (we thought he was a doe at first). This year we went to the Colorado State fair and purchased a beautiful little junior doe, Lil' Miss. We bred her on the last day of September in hopes to have beautiful little white Halloween Babies.

If all goes well we will have a good breeding pair and my son can show off all of his hard work in the summer and we can enjoy the pleasant taste of healthy rabbit "stew" or mole or whatever. I am excited to help him and learn with him in this endeavor.

Love the New Zealand White!

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