New mum help!!!!

by Gabby
(Sussex, England )

When can I handle my doe after giving birth? My beautiful Rex rabbit gave birth to I think four or five babies. I haven't looked too closely yet! She has been coming in at night for a while now as its too cold here in the UK snow etc.. However I have been putting her in her run outside for exercise in the day if weather allows.

Can I still do this or should she stay with the kits?
Kind regards Gabby

***** Karen Sez *****
You're doing fine, Gabby. I take it the babies are also staying inside? Then the mum will feed them at night, and enjoy her exercise during the mornings and/or late afternoons.

The nest can and should be checked right away, and also once a day or so to make sure it is clean, and that no kits have died between check. (It happens sometimes.)

Enjoy the babies!

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