New Born Bunnies, First time Mom and Bunny Owners

by Anon.

Mom gave birth to 3 the first day. another 5 the next day. 2 died that day. Another died yesterday (2nd day). Into 3rd day, after much research, I've replaced the babies to a box with hay and lots of fur.

The mom in my observation for the last two days, she has been looking after them. Today, not so much. I'm worried that the box did more harm than good. She may not like the box?

How do I make sure that they are being fed? I can't tell.

(I can't identify what would be a puffy tummy? cause they are all wrinkly.

I've been in a panic for the last 3 days making sure that at least some of these cuties live.

Thank you!
I hope you can help somehow.

***** Karen Sez *****
Sorry about the problems, Anon. The little guy pictured is starving and dehydrated. The doe is not feeding the kits, and has likely already rejected the litter. Unless you immediately foster these kits to a new doe, or successfully institute bottle-feeding, they will die. You don't have much time - kits can survive on very little for up to 72 hours only.

Go to for our tips on supplemental feeding. In the meantime, you can re-breed the doe. Perhaps with solid preparations in advance the will be more attentive the second time around.

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