New baby pet rabbit

by Rae
(Roseville, Ca)

I have a new baby bunny I got recently from a local pet store...she is only 7 weeks so I was attempting to do some research. Your website has proved most helpful but I noticed that she would normally just be ending her weaning there anything that I need to do specifically to help her out a bit or is there anything that I need shot wise for her?

My previous rabbit passed a while ago so I got my little one to have a new companionship with..but just cause shes so young that I don't really know. She always has food timothy hay and water...I've given her a tiny piece of banana once and nothing else...any suggestions??? Her name is Pukka btw :D

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Aug 08, 2011
About your new bunny
by: Moderator

The definition of weaning is when the bunny is able to take care of itself by itself. Your bunny probably fit this definition by the time it was 4 weeks old, however many breeders leave them in with the does for several more weeks. Even though your bunny is 7 weeks old, it is now quite capable of caring for itself.

That said, there is only one special piece of advice we give to new pet owners - ensure a constant supply of timothy or grass hay, at least until the bunnies are 10 weeks old, and you're already ahead of us on that score!

Since you mentioned banana, we'll just say that fruits are like straight candy to a rabbit ... waaay too much simple carbs. Go reeeeelly easy on 'em! Especially before 10 weeks of age, since that is the time frame where their gut bacteria are still getting properly balanced. You sure don't want to give an opportunity for disease bacteria to flourish, resulting in diarrhea and possibly death.

We think you and Pukka are going to be best buds for many more years.... :-D

Enjoy her...

Aug 08, 2011
RE New baby pet rabbit
by: Silver Desert Rabbitry

Well, all she needs is a cage, feed and water. Do not give her shots -- rabbits don't need shots of any kind. I breed rabbits and I never give my rabbits shots. Also, NEVER spay your doe because you WILL lose her. It has happened to me and many of my friends before. Leave your rabbit intact because they will live longer with less health problems.

For feed, just give her rabbit pellets. She will live on those just fine.

Best of luck with your new bunny!!

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