Nesting Troubles

by Sydney
(USA )

Hello! I have 2 dutch rabbits, and my doe Little Foot is pregnant. Her and my buck are let into a cage that's bigger than their normal one. So I don't know when they bred. But I noticed she had started pulling out her fur in her regular cage. So I quickly put a nesting box in there and separated the buck. I put some hay in the box and she hasn't formed her nest yet. I'm worried she won't have her kits in the nesting box. Is she okay? Or do I need to help her build her nest?

****Karen Sez****
Hmmm, no, I think everything should be okay. Just be sure you fill the nest up with hay, and an inch of shavings on the bottom would be good too. Your doe will build her nest when she's ready. Her instincts are driving her - she won't need your help, I don't think.

The only thing left for you to do is to keep a close eye on the doe, just in case she does drop the kits outside the nest. (I think she'll figure things out fine, but just in case...)

Good luck, and enjoy the bunnies!

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Sep 25, 2011
RE Nesting Troubles
by: Silver Desert Rabbitry

I had a doe that did the same thing. Although in my case she did not have any babies, but yours just might! So, just keep an eye on her and you guys will be fine :)

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