Need a bit of help with supposed- to-be-pregnant rabbit

by Marissa

I got a rabbit a little while ago in about March. I thought it was a male, we had no idea where he had come from, we found him but he was very nice... Anyways, one day I found pulled fur in "his" cage and remembered my old female rabbit doing this, anyways we got help checking and "he" turned out to be a girl...

Anyways, I decided to breed her, I took her to my friend's farm and left her there From Friday, June 10th to Sunday, June 19th. It is now her 31st day of being pregnant, she has a made a pretty deep nest in the darker side of her cage, she has a 2 story hutch outside with a "housing" part. She built it in there. Anyways, we can't really feel ANYTHING in her stomach, but we believe she is still pregnant. She has tried digging in her cage and when we let her out yesterday for some grass...she just kept digging in our gravel driveway. She also shies away to the back of her cage (downstairs) when I come to feed her or check on you think she is pregnant?

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Jul 15, 2011
31 days
by: Honor-roll rabbityu

I have found that the best bet is to watch. If you do not see him breed her sucsesfully you won't know for sure. You have a 9 day window there. Are you saying the 21st day from when you brought her or from when you picked her up. Best of luck to you!

Jul 12, 2011
RE Need a bit of help with supposed- to-be-pregnant rabbit
by: Silver Desert Rabbitry

Well since this is day 31 and she has a nest built, it's a waiting game from here. She will have them when she is ready. Sometimes recalculating will also help. Double check to make sure this is the 31st day. I had to do that a few times because I had does that had made a nest and I thought they were ready when they had 1 or 2 weeks left. So be sure to check your records.

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