My Rabbit Pulling Fur

by Lou Sath

My Rabbit has just turned one. She has had no contact with boy rabbits apart from when she was like 6 weeks old, and that was a wild boy rabbit. Since then there has been no signs. But this morning I found fur pulled for the 1st time in the sleeping part of her cage. Like the photo of Xena my rabbit also has that lump under her chin. I felt under her belly and there was a few extra heart beats. She is in a cage above ground at night and in the mornings. But during the day and evening she is in a cage on the grass. Could a rabbit have gotten in?

****Karen Sez****
Heheh, I guess we'll know soon enough, eh?

But, if your cage is fairly secure, and undamaged, I'll bet your doe is having a false pregnancy. Her hormones are tricking her head. In fact, fallopian tubes and belly might even swell, and the doe may build an absolutely fabulous nest. But, no babies. And, after a few weeks pass, the hormones relax their grip, and the doe will return to normalcy.

I'm guessing you're from down under? Cuz springtime would be the right season for false pregnancies in does that are sure they're supposed to be breeding.

PS: That 'lump under the chin' of Xena's is called a dewlap. It's something does of some breeds get, but has nothing to do with determining if she's pregnant or not.

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