My Rabbit is Making a Nest

by Jen
(Clearfield, PA)

My girl rabbit's making a nest, but there's no fur. When will she start to lose fur and have babies?

***Karen Sez***
Well, assuming she's pregnant, count forward 31 or 32 days from the breeding date. THAT's when she'll have the bunnies. (Some does can delay their delivery a few days longer than this, and very rarely they kindle a day or two early; that's why we say get the nest into the cage by Day 28 and give her till day 35 before deciding she tricked you.) If you've provided the nest and nesting materials, the doe will pull her own fur off her body and line the nest with it.

The doe's instincts will tell her when it is time. You'll see bald spots on some does, and on others, it'll be hard to tell where the fur came from. But no problem - as long as the bunnies, when they arrive, are snug, warm and well-fed, all will be well.

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Nov 13, 2017
First time Bunny Mummy
by: BunnyMom5869

I have 2 does the older one is Caramel my first one I bought, then I adopted or bought a bigger one male. Love at first sight, but she has him trained until breeding comes and she will let him mount her but makes the honking noise even when I pet her and she just started doing this a few days ago.

After making a nest he mounts both my females and they both accept him. Can both does have babies in the area but different cages. And is it ok to let the buck mount one doe after the other doe? He is very active, and both females groom each other as well but one has made a nest.....

***** Karen Sez *****
Part 3 of Rabbit Raising Problem Solver, pages 131-216, will answer all your questions, including why the honking noise, whether or not to house two bred females in the same cage, if, when, and why to remove the buck from the situation for the safety of all.

You'll also find a lot of the sort of info you need for absolutely free in the breeding rabbits section of Raising-Rabbits. Good luck with everything.

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