My Netherland Dwarf gave birth 2 weeks ago and is pregnant again! HELP!

My Netherland Dwarf Doe gave birth 2 weeks ago to 5 kits. However she has been with our male on the day she gave birth and we now are pretty sure she is pregnant again! I feel so sorry for her because i know all this is pretty tough on her little body but she is such a good mum to her little ones. What do I do if she is pregnant again? The kits will be 4 weeks old, what do I do with them? Please help.

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Jun 01, 2016
Common sense
by: Anonymous

Take the male out! I'm surprised she hasn't killed Him yet.

Mar 22, 2011
RE Netherland Dwarf rebred
by: Moderator

Yep, rabbits will be rabbits. In the wild, the does are frequently rebred within ONE day of kindling the litter. The doe abandons her first litter on or around day 28 (4 weeks old) so she can go dig a new burrow and kindle her new litter on day 31.

Yes, this is indeed hard on her bodily resources, which may be why the usual litter size is about 4 kits (in the wild). Plus, the doe needs excellent forage to birth live kits and not resorb two-weeks-along fetuses.

So what can you do now? Just feed the mama well. Lots of fresh high protein rabbit pellets--don't let the feeder be empty. Fresh green forages will help too, as well as a constant supply of fresh water. Be prepared to wean her current litter right at 28 days, and then give her fresh nesting materials.

Hopefully you can allow for several months to go by before giving the buck visiting privileges again. This will give your doe a good chance to rebuild her reserves and stay healthy.

Good luck!

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