My lionhead rabbit just had 7 kits

by Sandy

She made her nest in her litter box, but it was clean and just full of hay and fur. Should I leave them in the nesting box or take them out and put them in her cage and surround it with the nesting hay? She kept trying to get in the box but didn't seem to fit, what should I do this is the first rabbit and litter I have ever had?

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I'd tend to leave well enough alone, however we're talking about a litter box. You sure don't want her to keep peeing and pooing in the box while the kits are there.

What if you move the whole thing to a different corner, litter box and all, and then give her a fresh litter box in the original litter corner?

As to size, nest boxes are typically a snug fit. The does are *not* supposed to be able to rest in there. They visit the nest once a day for just 5 minutes to feed the little critters, and then leave and hang out in the cage for the other 23 hours and 55 minutes of the day. As long as she can hover over the kits, they will pop up like little jumping beans, find her teats, and have their 'dinner.'

Best of luck,

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