my experience with this was horrible

I had 5 babies in one litter get this just days after weaning at 11 weeks from a doe who is believed to be a carrier. I lost 2 but 3 are alive 2 weeks after their last symptoms subsided. When I moved these 14 week old rabbits out of their hutch, I thought I had cleaned it satisfactorily. Using only ammonia as I usually do.

1 week after putting 3 bucks, nicely sized 11 week old meat rabbits in that hutch, they became ill. Not all at once, but in sequence every 4 days or so. One died in the hutch, the others were dispatched after no amount of vet care would abate their suffering. All in all, a week and a half after placing the bucks in the effected hutch, they had all experienced symptoms and succumbed from them. The symptoms were textbook in the necropsy.

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Oct 17, 2011
RE my experience with this was horrible
by: Silver Desert Rabbitry

Dang, that is really bad. I would say to keep an eye on all of your other rabbits. Every breeder that I know of has had a sickness go through their barn. It is very sad though that you lost one of your bunnies.

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