My doe is pulling ALL of her neck fur out

Hi there,

My (I think) pregnant Californian doe is pulling out ALL of her neck fur. Its starting to look really nasty. She's not pulling out any stomach fur, just neck fur. She won't LEAVE HERSELF ALONE!!! This is her first litter but I've never experienced the problem with ANY other first time Moms. I'm starting to get really frustrated with her.

I haven't put anything on her neck because I don't want her to pick at herself even more. I've put hay in her cage in case she was just bored but she still won't leave herself alone!!! She's due in two days, but I'm worried that the kittens won't be able to nurse because she won't pull any stomach fur. Can you please give me a suggestion or two?
Thank you,
Mary Grace

****Karen Sez****
Heheh, yeah, no worries. Just let her do her thing. So, she'll be bald to the skin in a big patch on her dewlap...and it'll all grow in really fast. Some does just do what they do. And who knows, when the kits come, maybe she'll pull belly fur at that time.

Dunno, but I'm pretty sure everything will work out okay.

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