My Doe gave birth this morning I found 2 babies in the grass

by Kelly-Marie
(New Zealand)

Hi there, my beautiful buck jumped the fence and I didn't realise my Doe was pregnant, but this morning after seeing something wiggling in the grass I discovered 2 babies, rather far apart from each other. My rabbits have a huge wire chicken cage/run & 2 story hutches inside.

I'm not sure how they got there in the grass, so my question is do some does just stop and give birth wherever they are at the time? (Like people sometimes?) Or maybe she had them in the hutch and they rolled down the ramp and then moved around in the grass?

There was one more baby in the hutch. It's got me rather confused, but totally amazed and excited! Such a cool thing to find :-). Thank you!

***** Karen Sez *****

Yes, very cool to find sweet little bunnies. (Quick, look for more kits in the grass!)

No, does don't usually just drop their kits where they stand. Your second guess is probably closest to the truth of what happened.

I'm guessing the doe kindled her babies in the hutch, and then for some reason (cold?) they wriggled away, happened on a hole (or open door) in the hutch, and set out on a journey to find the comfort of their nest not realising they're headed the wrong way. Those lil buggers can crawl 3, 6, 9 meters from their starting point, and a fall from a meter high doesn't seem to harm them.

So, round up all the kits you can find, put them in their nest (add straw and shavings if needed and groom extra fur from the doe if the nest needs it), and put a 13-14 cm barrier to the door to keep the kits secure until they are old enough to hop over it.

Enjoy your bunnies!

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