My buck is acting weird

by James

I have a buck and doe in the same cage together, so one day I see the buck just pee the doe. At first he jumps and then he pees. Is this supposed to happen? Do I need to separate them? Is this normal or is the buck just marking his territory?

***** Karen Sez *****

You didn't say how old this buck is, however this behavior sounds very much like marking and dominance behavior.

Some bucks do their marking in this, er, exuberant fashion, while others satisfy themselves with 'chinning' everything in sight. I'll bet your buck is chinning stuff as well.

And yes, unless you want a lot of baby bunnies, it would be smart to separate the buck and the doe. (Unless, of course, one or the other animal or both have been altered.)

I hope other rabbit owners and breeders will add their details to this post by commenting. Thanks!

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