My American Blue Doe

by Val

I had actually bought my blue doe in a pet store with my boyfriend.

We were looking around in a tub of rabbits and I saw this amazing blue colored rabbit.

I have bred and showed rabbits for a few years now but I had never seen a color like this, and I couldn't put a name to the breed.

So after buying the rabbit and doing some research I have come to the conclusion that she is an American Blue. She doesn't match up with any other breed and has the pear shaped body that most Americans have.

So please view the pictures and tell me what you think of her.

***** Karen Sez *****

Knowing the weight of this blue doe will certainly help with making a possible determination of which breed she is. If she weighs 10 - 12 pounds, this will be another area (besides color) in which she matches the standard for the American breed.

I appreciate your recognition of the body type of Americans - pear shaped, also known as mandolin shaped.

There are multiple shades of blue within various rabbit breeds:

The description of blue coloration for the American is: "rich, clear, dark, slate blue..."

The only other breed with the mandolin body type and blue coloration is the Beveren. Adult Beveren female rabbits weigh 9 - 12 pounds, and the blue color should be: "a clean shade of light lavender blue..."

These are two completely different color descriptions. It is of course possible that the photos you posted aren't completely accurate, but I'm guessing that your doe probably more closely matches the American standard, as you have concluded. (And you're the one who can view the rabbit in person.)

Lastly, try entering the doe in a rabbit show as an American rabbit, and see what the rabbit judge thinks! The worst that can happen is the rabbit gets disqualified for some trait not found in the American breed. If the rabbit matches the standard, then you have your answer.

Thanks for sharing, and let us know how it goes!

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