My 2 Cute Li'l Rabbits

by Nelson Miles Antatico
(Zamboanga City, Philippines)

My Rabbits

My Rabbits

Hi! I'm Nelson Miles from Philippines. I have 2 cute rabbits named Salt and Pepper (I named them based on their colors). Pepper was a doe and Salt was a buck. I read your website but I really don't know if my doe has a problem.

She gave birth to a little rabbit but it's dead. So I have no choice but to bury it. I also don't know when the pregnancy started. And is it possible that when my buck goes "shaking the lil tail" on top of my doe, that is a sign that they are mating?

And when my doe will give birth again, will I separate the doe to her kids after it gave birth?

Please answer my questions and sorry if they are lots cause I'm a first time owner of rabbits.

Thanks in advance! :)

***** Karen Sez *****
Hi Nelson, and thanks for writing and sharing your picture.

When a doe has just one bunny, it sometimes gets too large inside the doe and so she has trouble giving birth. These large kits may die before they are born. I don't think this is the fault of the doe, just something that happens. The next time she kindles, she might have several bunnies that live and grow and do well.

When rabbits mate, they do just as you describe. The buck climbs on the back of the doe and 'shakes his lil tail,' lol. Then he usually loses his footing and falls off of her. That is when you should write down on the calendar that your rabbits have mated. Count forward 28 days and mark the calendar that you need to put the nest box in the cage. Then count forward 3 more days (day 31) and make a note that the babies will be born.

On the day that the rabbits mate is the day that the doe should be separated from the buck. This is so she doesn't harm the buck if she should get irritated with him for keeping on breeding her.

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