Mouse urine odor quesions

Can I add Bye Bye Odor to the pet's water to reduce ammonia, or must it only be used externally?

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Feb 20, 2011
Bye Bye Odor is Topical Only
by: Moderator

No no - don't put Bye Bye Odor in the drinking water. The product works through microbial action, and these beneficial little germs should be applied to the drop pans, not to the insides of your critters.

--Clean your pans.

--Rinse well.

--Spray a dilute concentration in the pans (follow the directions on the bottle)

--Put bedding into the pans.

Every time you empty the pans, you can rinse and re-spray with Bye Bye Odor. This way you'll maintain a wonderful environment for your mice that is free of ammonia (or nearly so).

Rabbit owners can do the same. By minimizing ammonia levels, rabbits stay protected against snuffles and other airborne germs, because the airway and lungs stay undamaged and healthy.

Best of luck,

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