Lionhead rabbit nesting at day 11

by Maggie

My lionhead is only 11 days bred and is scratching at her cage and carrying hay around attempting to nest. Is it too early to put her nest box in or since she's nesting anyway. Would it be best to put it in?

****Karen Sez****
Nesting behavior in a 'bred' doe this early is frequently indicative of a false pregnancy. But not always.

The earliest I've put a nest box in a cage is day 21. This doesn't mean you shouldn't put a nest box in your lionhead's cage now. But if you do, you'll need to check it every couple days to ensure she isn't using it for a toilet, and to clean it out if she is.

Good luck, and God bless you.

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Jul 09, 2021
1st time moms
by: Anonymous

My lionhead dwarf doe nested over night without a nesting box in my furnace room. She has a cage
but chose the floor in a quiet corner. I observed her w/ a haystash on 3 occasions. She pulled fur 4-5 days ago. My buck & doe are free-roaming in my flat but have been separated for 10 days or so. I'm unsure of conception date. When will she deliver?

Nov 03, 2011
Help for Maggie
by: the honey bunny tree

My mini rex bunny was making her nest on the 17 day of her pregnancy. We put the nest box in. And now it's her 32 day. she put fuzz in her nest box (lots of it) at 10:00 today for 1 or 2 hours making her nest. She put hay, paper and fuzz.

Oct 29, 2011
Adding on to my question
by: Maggie

Is there a possibility she could be having a miscarriage? She's built a nest now and is laying I guess best way to explain it is like in the breeding position, which she never does. Would the kits have any chance of survival at 11 days?

****Karen Sez****
Miscarriage is highly unlikely just yet. It can happen rarely around day 20 or so. More likely than miscarriage is resorption of fetuses, and even this doesn't usually occur until days 17-19, or so. And you'll never see anything, because the fetuses simply break down inside the doe and disappear.

No certainties, but I'm guessing a false pregnancy. We can always hope that her maternal instincts are simply very strong, and you'll have your kits on day 31 or 32. At least, I always hope for the best! :-)

Best wishes,

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