Lionhead Manes

Beautiful blue eyed Bella

Beautiful blue eyed Bella

Mane retention is one of the biggest challenges of Lionhead breeding! What are some of the signs that a kit will have a wonderful mane? Those that seem to exhibit wonderful manes, what are the signs that they will more than likely keep their manes even as seniors?

I would like to keep some of the offspring if they show signs of having a wonderful mane. Adult rabbits (even gorgeous, wonderfully behaved adult rabbits!) don't sell very often, so I don't want to keep the babies waiting to see if they will keep their manes, and then turn around and try to sell them when they are grown.

I have seen certain characteristics that seem similar amongst good manes, but can anyone list some for me?

The pictured Lionhead is a two month old doe I am keeping. She is one that seems to be developing a fantastic mane to me! It crimps very well when wet and has a thicker texture than many other lionheads manes that I have felt.

With Lionheads still being a developing breed, I see such different mane types!

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