by Cheryl

We bred our Havana two weeks ago. She was acting differently but now when you pet her she lifts. Do you think she did not take when we bred her? Thank you.

***** Karen Sez *****
I might be wrong, but yeah, I think she didn't take. It's a rare doe that will lift for a buck on day 14 if she's genuinely pregnant, at least in my barn.

I'm not an advocate of test breeding on day 14, but one time a "bred" doe of mine was just not acting pregnant. Sometimes you get a sixth sense about such things, especially when you become familiar with each doe and their habits and personality.

I decided to rebreed her to the same buck on day 14. Sure enough, there were no babies on day 31 after the first breeding, but she conceived and kindled a litter after that second breeding.

So: if you decide to rebreed your doe, DO put a nest in on day 28 after the FIRST breeding, just in case, and for sure, put it in again 28 days after the second breeding.

Good luck and have fun!

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