Is my rabbit pregnant?

by Leanne
(London UK)

I have had my doe Mysti since she was 7 weeks old. She is all grown up and over a year old and so well behaved. She is house trained although she has a double floored hutch outside she is also very well potty trained and goes back outside when she needs the litter tray. Many friends and family have become very interested in rabbits giving me at least 7 homes for her first litter due in September 2010. That is, if she is pregnant!

On Saturday the 7th of August we introduced Mysti to a male, they started rubbing their chins on each other (it was so cute!) And then after around 5 minutes of them sniffing each other he was doing his best to try and get on her, but I'm not sure if they actually bred properly because the doe kept moving 'a lot.' He did try a couple of times but he didn't drop off and grunt, he did try chasing her for some more but then she ran up into her bedroom.

Later on that evening he was trying to breed but she kept frantically trying to run away and go back into her bedroom, he followed her in there, but she ran out, he followed her but then she went back in...this happened for about ten minutes, and then she stopped and actually stayed in the bedroom with him, I didn't want to disturb them but I HAD to see if they were breeding. When I opened the hutch door he sort of just dropped off her....

The next day she was growling at me and did try to bite me but she often does this when she's in a bad mood, so I don't know if this was a sign of pregnancy, I ignored her and gently stroked her cheeks to calm her down.

Now 4 days later they show no interest in breeding but are friendly with each other, so I'm not perfectly sure if she is pregnant so I'm just waiting till around the 17th to see if I can feel any kits. I'm debating whether I should split them up for a couple days and then put them back together.

Please do tell me if you do think she is pregnant, and have any helpful advice.

Thank you for your time,
Leanne Aged 15

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May 22, 2012
It sounds like your rabbit is pregnant
by: Anonymous

It's very possible that your rabbit is pregnant, but false pregnancy are very common in rabbits.

My mini-rex rabbits did almost the same thing, she has been grunting at me for days and would not let either of my 2 male rabbits mate with her...

I think your rabbit is pregnant, but the best why to be sure is to go to the vet!

Sep 21, 2010
I will eat my hat if the doe is not pregnant
by: Karen

Yep, a hundred pounds says your doe is pregnant! Follow the guidelines on Raising-Rabbits under Breeding Rabbits - 7 August will be your starting point. Palpate on day 12, nest in on day 28, and expect bunnies on day 31, though any time between day 28 and day 35 is possible. But, I'll bet you knew all this already - you sound knowledgeable and prepared.

Thank you for telling us all about your doe; I think other people will find it helpful.

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