Is my rabbit pregnant or not?

by Sue Kirchgessner

Hi, I have a 7 month old girl rabbit and a 5 month old boy rabbit. We put them together to breed not knowing the age? All of the answers on the internet are all different. Anyways yesterday was her 31st day being pregnant and no bunnies yet. But we are pretty sure she is. I can feel her nipples when I try to palpate her. She won't let me anymore. She's gotten grumpy and gets very nervous when I put my hand in her cage and do something. She tries to bite me. We have not put any hay in there because we just got back from a trip. We are going to get some in today though.

How can I tell if shes pregnant? I don't have any experience in palpating so I don't know how and she wont let me anymore. Please help. I would love to have some people with experience help me with my bunny's mythical pregnancy. Thank you so much.

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