Is my Rabbit preg? please help

by Hussain

Hi, I've now bred my rabbit twice - the 1st time it was unsuccessful. I waited a whole 35 days and there were no kits. Now I've mated her for the second time and I feel like this breeding was successful as he mounted her and she lifted as he mounted he did fall off her..?? Was that meant to happen?

My worry is that she is still as she would be as normal whereas my other doe when she’s pregnant, within 10days her mood isn’t her - she won’t let me touch her. This rabbit is still the same. The only difference is that she wouldn’t let the buck nowhere near her e.g. if she’s in the runner my buck out running in the garden she grunts which is odd... is that a sign of her being pregnant? She is now 14days...
Many Thanks

****Karen Sez****
You're describing what is most likely a successful breeding. The only question in your mind is: "Why isn't this second doe of mine a complete grouch already?" But not every doe gets completely vicious when bred. A lot do, but not all of them. I also have a sweetheart of a doe that will let me pet her even on day 31. (Tho I can tell she is a little more anxious than usual.) None of my other does are this reasonable.

Don't worry -- chances are very good that you should plan on kits in a couple weeks -- mark the calendar...nest in at 28 days; kits at 31-32 days!

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Oct 03, 2011
by: Hussain

Many thanks, I hope to see some cute kits they will be pure thriantas if any.. I will keep posting :)

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