I thought I had 2 girl rabbits? But......

by Megan
(Upstate NY)

I got 2 bunnies around July 11th. They told me they were 8 wks (approx) old. the lady I got them from checked and told me my white one (Sonny) was a girl...ok. And we also got a black one (Midnight) and I forgot to have her check before we left what it was (my girls fell in love and had to have THE BLACK ONE). Anyways I did some online research and checked myself and from what I could tell it was a girl. So ok, I have 2 girls...sisters I'm assuming and anyways they get along GREAT always laying with each other and so on.

Well last night (July 25th, which would make them approx 10 weeks, if the lady was correct) I found the white one on top of the black one going to town...what does this mean?? I'm new to this rabbit thing. Do I have a male and female? Or do girl rabbits do this kinda thing too? Please help...am I gonna have baby bunnies?? Which does not bother me but I don't know the things to check for this early to tell....HELP!!!!!

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Jul 31, 2011
RE I thought I had 2 girl rabbits? But......
by: Silver Desert Rabbitry

Well it sounds like you have a buck and a doe...not two does. Did you see the rabbit on top fall over?

What you need to do is flip the rabbits over, put your thumb on the base of the tail, and your index finger (first finger) on the external genitalia region, and push down. A buck will have a round protrusion (of course) and a doe will have a slit.

if you end up having a buck and a doe, separate them. Keep an eye on your doe, and about the 27th day, if she is showing signs of having babies, put a nest box in with her.

Hope this helps :)

(Moderator note: www.raising-rabbits.com/sexing-rabbits.html for pictures of the above...)

Jul 30, 2011
by: judith g

Hi there, I could not believe it when reading your letter, I am a grandma and I love rabbits, my last rabbit [FRED] died a few years ago, and he knew me and I knew him so I said no more rabbits. Anyway in April this year, I bought myself a french lop she is lovely, but she was lonely so the next day I went back and got another little girl to keep her company,and the same thing happened to me what has happened to you. Then when I saw her pulling her fur out that did it; on the net I went to see what happens when rabbits are pregnant, yes you have guessed they pull their hair out, so now I own Dasiy (mum) and Mazie (dad) I have now got 4 baby kits which will be 2 weeks old on 1st August.

Get someone to hold the one you think is a boy and have a look.

Best wishes, Judith G

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