I think one of my newborn bunnies is getting all of mum's milk and the other two are getting none-help!

by Anna

Newborn, day 1

Newborn, day 1

My bunny gave birth to five babies 3 days ago, 2 were unfortunately dead so we removed those, now I am concerned that mum is only feeding one of them as one has got an extremely round/ plump tummy and the other 2 do not(see pics). I don't know what to do as I really don't want to lose them, I have waited 3 days now and I'm concerned if I wait any longer I will lose the 2 weak ones :/ What shall I do?

Could I remove the one that has clearly being fed and make a nest for it for the night and let the other 2 feed from mum? Help!

***** Karen Sez *****

Yes, you've got a great plan. That fat little guy can certainly go a day without nursing and give the two other siblings a crack at the milk bar.

It's very unusual that a single kit would get all the milk and the other two none, however. I'm wondering if there were two separate nests?

You might want to check the nesting area and see if this was the case - two separate little hollows, one holding 'Fatso,' and the other holding the two thinner kits?

If so, amalgamating all the kits should solve the problem going forward, especially after you've given the two little kits a whole night with the Mum to themselves.

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