I Think my Doe is Pregnant Again

by Tara Nizam
(England )

I came home to babies in a nest. I didn’t know my doe was pregnant and did not breed her on purpose. A couple of days before she had the babies she was out and so was my buck but they were in different enclosures.

He jumped over and mounted her for literally a couple of seconds before I could get to them. When the babies were 3 weeks old she started pulling her fur and frantically making a nest. The babies are now 32 days old. When I watch my doe her tummy is moving like she has babies inside and she pants a lot. Is it possible she is pregnant and if so when would the babies be due?

***** Karen Sez *****

I'm guessing yes, the doe could very well be pregnant, unless you saw intestinal movements and not baby kicks. A normal pregnancy results in kits on the morning of the 32nd day, so, your doe may be ready to pop right now. In that case, expect the kits any time. It'd be very smart to wean the first litter together into their own space away from their mum.

Best of luck with everything!

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