Hugo, My Best Rabbit Friend

by Sydney
(West Virginia)

Laying down

Laying down

Well I've always wanted a pet rabbit, I've always always loved rabbits. I went to a local feed shop as they usually around spring and summer have local breeders come in and give rabbits to sell at the feed shop. Anyway we wanted does as we didn't want two bucks or one doe and one buck as we didn't want kits.

When we got into the feed shop of course there were three bunnies there to greet us: two New Zealands and one Dutch. I of course loving the animals that are unexpected picked one of the new Zealands and my sister took the Dutch. We learned that they were both bucks but we made do and brought them home anyway.

Me and my New Zealand got off to a rough start when I first saw him I saw him as the big hot shot dominant rabbit. After a while I just gave up on working with him. But when he got a little older (he was only 3 months when we got him) his true self surfaced he was laid back less dominant and even though he was big and large he acted like he was smaller like the Dutch. Now the Dutch was the hot shot dominant rabbit.

We were clueless at the time and had to separate them due to the Dutch's aggressive behavior which has tuned down since they were separated.

I started to work with my New Zealand again and I've started to see the value and playfulness in him. He is the best rabbit on the planet. I've trained him tricks, and I've got him on a harness and a lead.

I see this as the start of something, a bond not understood by anyone that's not as rabbit crazy as me. I named him 'Hugo' from a movie I heard about that day and of his large size.

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