How I Care for My Netherland Dwarf

by Gracee

Grace is a very energetic girl!! She's a little shy about people.

She can be very sweet, and a bit aggressive at times.

If I were to spay her, I'm sure she'd calm down quite a bit and be more friendly and outgoing torward people. She's most comfortable with me.

I got her from an animal shelter in the area and they had no clue how old she is, they only knew that she was an adult. She has a large cage at the foot of my bed. So I share my room with her and my hamster.

I plan to get her spayed sometime soon. I feed her high quality pellets, lots of timothy hay, veggies, and occasionally a treat. I give her wooden blocks, plastic bird toys, ferret bell toys, and paper towel rolls to chew on and play with.

Anyone who says that rabbits are "easy" to take care of, is wrong. They need very specific kinds of food, lots of toys to keep them out of trouble while you're gone for the day, at least an hour of play time outside of their cage everyday (depending on how large the cage is. The smaller the cage, the more floor time they need), and lots of attention so they stay tame.

If you only have one rabbit then they'll need more toys and more attention. Rabbits will eventually get bored of their toys so you have to either buy new toys, or make toys for them. You also have to clean their cage thoroughly once a week, and spot clean a few times a week.

But once your pet warms up to you, you'll realize that all the hard work is worth it!!! I'm 14 and I do it all on my own without help from anyone. I take care of 2 cats, 1 dog, a hamster, and my bunny. I may be getting another bunny soon.

And don't for get to regularly brush your rabbit!! They also need their nails trimmed once a month!!

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