Holland Lops Great Pets

by Skywalker Trails

I have Holland Lops. My Holland Lop buck is extremely friendly- he'll run up when you walk by his cage and lick your fingers. He gets angry with me sometimes but forgives me pretty fast. All my Hollands have different personalities, and likes and dislikes.

If you want a sweet, cute, child-friendly rabbit the Holland is the breed for you. However the child should not be too young so the rabbit would not be roughly handled or picked up by its ears!!!!

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Jul 30, 2011
My bunny is angry at me
by: Lisa

I have a holland lop, and recently i brought back a mix breed angora to introduce to her. Because she's the only rabbit she got really excited and both tried to get on each other. I tried to break it up, but I was too late by seconds and the buck bit her on the back, and she was frightened.

I'm grateful that he didn't do any damage to her but its been 3 days that she has been running away from me. I know she won't forgive me. It's sad cause before this she wouldn't run away from me if I wanted to pick her up or pet her...

What should i do to gain her trust back?

***Moderator Comment***
Ooops...did you say the angora mix was a buck?? Unless one of the animals has been neutered, you can probably expect baby bunnies in exactly 31 days from the day you introduced the two rabbits to each other.

You are reading a whole lot of human emotions into your holland lop's actions. But what may be happening is that the lop is now pregnant and cranky. See www.raising-rabbits.com/pregnant-rabbit.html, and see how many of the pregnancy symptoms your holland lop is showing.

Once the rabbit has the babies, you'll be amazed at how sweet she'll become once again, that is, if we're right about the pregnant rabbit. We think she's already 'forgiven' you.

Good luck, don't forget to put the nestbox in on day 28, and let us know how it goes, okay?

God bless you,

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