Help! 12-14 week bunnies dying

Hi, bunnies go off feed, and stand by the water cup.

They last 4-5 days.

The poop is very stinky, not like normal rabbit poop, and their bellies get huge every day.

I've only caught a mom poop and it was watery yellow but she still eats. they are fed hay and rabbit feed.

***** Karen Sez *****
This is either classic enterotoxemia or mucoid enteritis, both of which create a no good very bad day for your you are seeing.

The stinky droppings are cecotropes, which are too loose, and the rabbits are not eating them, which is an indication that they are very sick. The bloated bellies are due to inflammation in the intestinal tract, and water is pooling in the guts. If you pick up a bunny and gently shake it, you may hear the sloshing sounds of water in the intestines.

But, what is the cause? I'm not sure if it is related to a bacterial or parasitic infection such as coccidiosis, or even to the toxins produced by mold. You need a vet STAT to help with the diagnosis and a treatment plan.

What to do in the meantime: STOP all feed right now. No feed, just hay and water. (And, in case you're dealing with mold, go purchase a brand new fresh hay bale (or package) to ensure you're eliminating the possibility of mold.)

Note that your bunnies are also very very thirsty and dehydrated, due to so much fluid leaving where it's supposed to be and entering the intestinal tract. So, make sure they have lots of water available 24/7. Getting a vet to help with IV fluids might help save some lives.

Give your rabbits 48 - 72 hours on hay and water, and see if the problem doesn't improve, and in the meantime, take a couple of the sickest critters to the vet for a diagnosis.

Good luck!

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