Help !!

by Victoria
(Gurgaon, India)


My rabbit gave birth to 4 kits and they died after a very short time.

This was her first litter.

Now this is about 20 Days ago, today I saw blood under her cage, and trust me the amount was good !!

I do not know if that came with the poop or it came out from some where else...

Her temperament has become very bad as well, she bites and make noises.

I am in India at the moment, and there are no rabbit vets here ...

Please help !! I do not want her to die..



***** Karen Sez *****
Sounds like a miscarriage, Victoria. And her crankiness is an indication she was pregnant, had she been bred?

Fingers crossed that the blood was a one-time occurrence, and that your doe can be rebred soon. (Not being vets ourselves, we only speak from experience rather than expertise.)

Can you give us an update?

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