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Dec 03, 2011
Nature happened
by: Melissa

I just thought I'd update that my beautiful rabbits have made 4 lovely harley-heads/lion-quinns. They are only 5 days old at the moment but getting stronger and furrier every day, will post a picture of the results when they are older :)

This is her first litter and she is only 7 months old now. the boy has been separated and will be going for his chop assuming the babies are ok. will the male be ok in with the babies or is it best to leave him separated? and if so for how long?

***** Karen Sez *****
Congrats! And thanks for the news. If you've separated out the male already, it may be best to leave him out. I cannot give an opinion as to whether or not the male will be okay if placed in with the kits.

Once 'chopped,' it takes 8 weeks or so for the sperm count to drop to zero.

Good luck with everything!

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